The Redline


Part of Chicago’s history is built upon isolating some communities to the occupants of minorities by the use of real estate manipulation which declined loans applicants who lived in poor area’s because the area was declared a “financial risk”.  This was called redlining…and it was discriminative, leaving many areas in the city blighted.

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A Black American was shot and killed by police with his hands up…his name was Terence Crutcher.  It was another Friday.

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A Play on Cognitive Cues?

Thought this was a good example on manipulating cognitive cues!


Done by the Lyndon Wade of the Wade Brothers…


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The Cultural Alter Ego



So many of us look to find an image of ourselves within our pop culture as a representation of who we are or what we can become.  However that search is often times for not, especially for minorities.  Cultural representation within the media is often misconstrued  and stereotyped because our media makers often don’t reflect diversity.  Your cultural group may not reflect what’s seen in the media because those who depict your culture may know nothing about it.  They only have their perception of your group and may not seek guidance from first hand accounts as a means of a check and balance system when creating their media.  And though times have changed since the creation of such controversial movies like D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation, we still have not found a balance of cultural representation in the production rooms of many studios and networks.  So instead of getting a reflection of your culture on your television, movie screen, or magazine, you end up seeing a cultural alter ego.

This is my first image of an ongoing series in which I would like to juxtapose these cultural alter egos of which I speak of, to that which rightly represents a particular culture.  Let me know what you think!  Enjoy!

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Cloud Play

Cloud Play

Finished this image about a week or so ago and decided that it was long enough since I’ve last post on my blog!!!  I really enjoyed working with the model for this image and I thought it came out really nice!  Let me know what you think!

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Breaking The Link

Chicago based photographer and graphic artist, Charles Loggins III, has been creating art since he was a child. He uses photography and Photoshop to create surrealist and graphic images. His latest series labeled Breaking The Link deals with a range of subjects all of which most people have become slaves to. He uses the symbolism of birds in each image to portray an idea of freedom from that which can enslave us. The idea that nothing can hold us down and that we can become free from anything resonate with each image within this video which uses the 2.5D parallax technique to bring his photographic images alive!

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Through the Wild

Through the Wild

First time trying a digital double exposure technique in Photoshop! I love the way this came out!!!! Had to put my signature touch with the use of birds within my image of course, but geez I am loving this! I will definitely be working on a series of these! Let me know what you think? Please comment!!!!

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